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Uniqlo PH

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Uniqlo Philippines presents its customers with a birthday treat in the form of a special discount. During your birth month, you’re entitled to enjoy a markdown on any purchase, giving you an extra reason to shop and celebrate.

Uniqlo, originating from Japan, has made a name for itself globally by providing high-quality and stylish clothing at affordable prices. Their birthday discount is one more way they aim to bring happiness and value to their customers’ lives. It’s a thank you gesture for your patronage and a happy birthday wish rolled into one.

Uniqlo is a global casual wear retailer known for its innovation and simplicity. Their products range from simple basics to unique seasonal pieces. Each item is designed with both comfort and style in mind, aiming to enhance the everyday lives of their customers. They continually focus on evolution, aspiring to change clothes, conventional wisdom, and the world.

How To Get The Uniqlo Birthday Discount Deal

To get your birthday discount, join the Uniqlo membership program. As a member, you will receive an email during your birthday month with your unique discount code. This code can be used at any Uniqlo store in the Philippines or online. Be sure to bring a valid ID when redeeming in-store to verify your birth date.