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Celebrate your birthday with style at Urban Planet, which offers a special discount to help you refresh your wardrobe. This offer is available during your birthday month and can be applied to any product in their vast selection.

Urban Planet is a fashion-forward brand that aims to bring the latest trends to young people at affordable prices. They believe that fashion is a form of self-expression and their birthday discount is designed to encourage you to experiment with your style and express yourself freely on your special day.

Based in Canada, Urban Planet is a youth-oriented fast-fashion brand that provides stylish and contemporary clothing, shoes, and accessories. Known for their vast array of trendy styles, Urban Planet offers everything from casual wear and activewear to party outfits and professional attire.

How To Get The Urban Planet Birthday Discount Deal

To get your Urban Planet birthday discount, sign up for their Urban Planet Rewards program. Members receive a unique discount code via email during their birthday month. This code can be used at any Urban Planet store or online. Remember to bring a valid ID when shopping in-store to confirm your birthday.