selective focus of blue-eyed contacts


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For contact lens enthusiasts, UNIQSO offers a special treat in the form of a birthday discount. Celebrate your birthday with a fresh pair of lenses, courtesy of UNIQSO’s generous markdowns, applicable on any of their vast selections.

UNIQSO, an online specialty store for contact lenses, understands the joy of trying a new look on your birthday. They offer an array of uniquely designed contact lenses, from natural-looking tones to fantastical designs perfect for cosplay or a bold fashion statement. With their birthday discount, they invite you to experiment and express yourself on your special day.

Based out of Malaysia, UNIQSO has been providing customers worldwide with high-quality, FDA-approved contact lenses since 2011. They carry a variety of options including colored lenses, cosplay lenses, circle lenses, and sclera lenses. Additionally, they also offer a range of skincare and makeup products.

How To Get The UNIQSO Birthday Discount Deal

To get your UNIQSO birthday discount, you will need to sign up for their reward program, UNIQPoints. Once your birthday month rolls around, check your email for a unique discount code. You can apply this code to any purchase made on their online store throughout your birthday month. Please note that you will need to input your birthday upon signing up for the UNIQPoints program.