Von Maur

Von Maur

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Von Maur brightens your special day with a unique birthday discount, allowing you to indulge in a shopping spree during your birthday month. This exclusive offer can be applied across any of their vast range of high-quality merchandise.

Von Maur is a retailer that is as much about exceptional customer service as it is about high-quality products. Their birthday discount is just another way they aim to make their customers’ experience memorable, ensuring you feel extra special on your birthday.

Founded in 1872, Von Maur is a family-owned company operating department stores that sell high-quality branded merchandise, including apparel, accessories, jewelry, and gifts. Based in the United States, Von Maur is renowned for its superior customer service which includes free gift wrapping, shipping, and an interest-free credit card program.

How To Get The Von Maur Birthday Discount Deal

To get your Von Maur birthday discount, sign up for their Rewards program. Members will receive a unique discount code via email during their birthday month. This code can be used at any Von Maur store or on their online platform. Be sure to bring a valid ID to the store to confirm your birthday.