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K1 Speed

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K1 Speed races into your birthday celebrations with an exhilarating offer. They provide a special discount on their race packages during your birthday month, perfect for adrenaline junkies looking to add some high-speed fun to their special day.

K1 Speed believes in celebrating birthdays in a fast and furious way. Their birthday discount is designed to bring an extra thrill to your special day, allowing you to experience the rush of indoor go-kart racing at a discounted rate.

K1 Speed is the premier indoor go-kart racing company in the USA. They offer highly-advanced and environmentally-friendly electric go-karts as well as large indoor entertainment venues that feature authentic racing memorabilia, a Pit Cafe, and ample seating.

How To Get The K1 Speed Birthday Discount

To get your K1 Speed birthday discount, sign up for their K1 Speed Pass Membership. As a member, you will receive an email with your special discount during your birthday month. This offer can be redeemed at any K1 Speed location. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID to verify your birthday.