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Yogurtland’s Birthday Reward offers a sweet treat to make your special day even more delightful. Celebrate with a free 8oz cup of your favorite frozen yogurt, including your choice of toppings. Simply sign up for Yogurtland’s Real Rewards program and provide your birthdate to receive this annual birthday freebie. On your big day, you’ll receive an email with the coupon, which you can redeem at any participating location.

Yogurtland is a popular frozen yogurt chain known for its self-serve style and vast array of flavors and toppings. Their delicious and innovative frozen yogurt flavors, coupled with a wide selection of toppings, allow for personalized creations that cater to every taste bud.

How To Get The Yogurtland Birthday Discount Deal

To take advantage of your Yogurtland birthday treat, you’ll want to join the Yogurtland Real Rewards program. Upon signing up and entering your birthdate, you’ll be set to receive your birthday gift. When your birthday rolls around, check your email for a special treat redeemable at any participating Yogurtland location. So get ready to create your dream frozen yogurt masterpiece on your birthday!